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Why Choose Natural Medicine

Why natural medicineWhen we experience a health condition, whether it is a minor condition such as a cold, or a more serious chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, we have several choices:

  • We can turn to traditional healthcare
  • We can turn to natural healthcare
  • We can judiciously use a combination of both

This section is here to help educate you on why relying on traditional healthcare to heal you of a chronic condition is not the answer.  

Modern medicine has an important place in our lives, and many of us are alive today because of it.  Emergency trauma is an example of where modern healthcare shines.  For example, a lifesaving cortisone shot in response to a severe allergic reaction, or broken bones requiring x-rays and a cast or splint, organ transplants, treatment for infections and deadly disease... the list goes on.

But when it comes to understanding the root cause of chronic disease, traditional medicine falls far short of the target.  There is a direct link between diet and lifestyle habits, and our emotional and physical health.  But even though the biggest killer diseases of the western world today are completely preventable through diet and lifestyle choices, the healthcare industry does not actively recognize this truth, nor does it provide the public with any education on understanding how to heal chronic conditions through diet.

The top 2 causes of the US healthcare crisis:

#1  What you put in your mouth
#2  How you handle your stress

For most health issues, it is not more complicated than that.  Let's learn more about why the current healthcare system and its reliance of surgery and drugs has significantly contributed to the chronic disease epidemic we are now facing, and about the role the government has played in the corruption of both the food and healthcare industries.

Failed Healthcare System 

The Toxic State of US Healthcare
The US spends the most on healthcare, yet as a nation, we are the sickest.  It is ranked 33rd in life expectancy, far behind countries such as Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Greece, and others.

Learn the real reason the US healthcare system has failed, and how it is entirely about profit at the expense of public health. ...Read more

A Medicated Nation 
Learn why pills are a band-aid that only address symptoms, and have little to do with fixing the root of the problem.  Statistics show that drug side effects often create new health conditions that often result in more medications.  ...Read more

The fatal cost of medical errors
Medications kill more people every year than are killed in traffic accidents.  Learn why medication side effects and hospital/doctor preventable errors are a leading cause of death in the US.  ...Read more

Nutritional "Experts"?

Who are the experts?Traditional nutritionists and dietitians receive a government-sponsored education based on the USDA food pyramid.

Learn why this pyramid is questionable at best and why Natural Healthcare Practitioners and holistic nutritionists are now blazing a trail to help educate the public on how government standards on food have contributed to the epidemic of chronic disease today.

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Corruption of our Food Supply

The corruption of the US food supply
Our highly chemicalized and unnatural food chain is filled with artificial chemicals and pesticide residue that have been conclusively linked to serious health conditions such as autism, cancer, reproductive damage, and neurological damage.  With little regulation, food manufacturers are left to their own devices to openly deceive the public about the unhealthy nature of their products.  Food lobbyists are so powerful that they exert substantial control over the government's stance on food.  ...Read more

Food pyramids & food politics
Even though the biggest killer diseases today are completely preventable through diet, the government provides no education to the general public on healthy diets.  The USDA food pyramid represents the government's stance on healthy and nutritious living.  Not only does the pyramid fall far short in its goal, but the USDA provides no education to the general public on how to understand and interpret their own food recommendations.  ...Read more

The FDA:  Failure on a mass scale
The FDA may be responsible for approving and regulating food, drugs, and supplements, but it has fallen victim to a conflict of interest between maximizing profits of the food and pharmaceutical giants vs. protecting the health and welfare of the American people.  

Not only has the FDA failed to protect both the human and pet food chain by allowing chemicals in our food that are illegal in other countries, it also routinely approves toxic medications that destroy our health.  Learn how this continuing failure has directly contributed to the chronic disease we are now experiencing.  ...Read more

Global Repercussions
The industrialization of American food has directly impacted the health of millions worldwide.  As quickly as our foods spread, so does our steadily increasing rates of chronic disease.  Traditional cultures who previously enjoyed freedom from these diseases are now suffering our fate.  ...Read more

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